Solid Oak Chairs for Little People
with personalised brass nameplate
Both the Windsor and the Windsor Rocking Chair are based on 17th Century designs found in the North of England and are beautifully constructed in solid oak with fine turnings and spindles.The Captains Chair is one of our most poular models, being very robust yet still having elegant turned legs and underframe. This same design is used for the small matching stool. A considerable amount of attention has been placed on the staining and polishing of these replica chairs to achieve an antique effect in keeping with their origins.The range has been put together for you to offer something very special, a gift that will stay with the child throughout his or her life and very likely be past down through the family. We have found that these chairs are often given for Birthdays or for special achievements or just because the child 'is special'
Chair Size Price
Windsor 29.5" £98.00
Windsor Rocker 27.5" £118.00
Captains 22" £98.00
Small Stool 9.5" £24.95
For personalized brass name plates on the
chairs add £6.00 per chair
Delivery charges - per chair £15.00, per stool £4.95

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