The Apsley
Available in three sizes, these pretty dappled horses are hand painted with layers of traditional paints and stippled in the classic grey and white and then given a beautiful mellow antique glaze, each horse being entirely individual. Red inner ears and nostrils, white teeth and large friendly glass eyes invite both child and adult to touch and admire! A fixed leather and suede saddle with contrasting suede saddle blanket studded with brass rosettes, a leather tail crupper, martingale, removable bridle, adjustable brass stirrups, together with the Suffolk Rocking Horse brass plaque complete these special horses.
Height* Stand Length Stand
46" 53" Pine
48" 53" Oak**
Decorative only
34" x 8" Polished or Painted
*From floor to head
**Apsley Oak swing stands are made from plantation grown ash (fraxinus excelsior) which is a heavy, strong and straight grained timber making it ideal for robust use. We hand polish to a mellow antique oak finish.
Click on picture for large image The Apsley 48" with our 21" Miniature decorative horse.
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