About Our Horses
It is hardly possible to think of a more timeless, popular or exciting toy that has spanned the ages and classes than the traditional rocking horse. Nothing represents the nostalgia of childhood quite so much as a Victorian inspired classis rockers.

Each horse is individually carved and painted or polished using methods that have stood the test of time. We buy all our hide and suede from sources within the UK, cutting, dying and fashioning the saddles and tack in our workshop. Only real horsehair is used for the manes and tails, all having been specially treated to ensure its safety. Our brass work and glass eyes again all come from the UK, much being specially commissioned by us.

We offer eight different ranges over four sizes from the Miniature at just 21” in height, to
44”, 46” and 48” measured from the floor to the ears. All horses are individually made, therefore all measurements are approximate. Although the bow rocker is perhaps more authentic, we have chosen to use the safety stand, sometimes known as the pillar or swing stand. This takes up a smaller floor area, will not ‘walk’ across the floor, or trap little fingers or toes. Our Miniature horse is only available on a bow rocker, as this obviously is not a horse for riding – just admiring!

All paints and finishes used are of course non toxic, and all our horses carry the CE mark having passed all the relevant safety requirements of The Toy Safety Directive. We recommend close adult supervision if these lovely horses are ridden by children under the age of 5 years. The horses are may be toys, but they have moving parts and are extremely heavy. Please avoid placing the horse near a heat source or in direct sunlight.

We endeavour to keep stock of all the models in our range, so we can arrange delivery to you within days if required. We would suggest if you require a horse for Christmas or a specific date do plan ahead – we can always put aside any horse for later delivery.
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